WB Tiny Toons Background Concept Art by Walt Peregoy - ID: oct23010

WB Tiny Toons Background Concept Art by Walt Peregoy - ID: oct23010 Warner Bros.


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An original background color concept from the Warner Bros. animated series, "Tiny Toon Adventures" (1990-1994). Featuring an eerie underwater landscape complete with a sunken ship, the beautiful hand-painted concept was created by animation legend Walt Peregoy and used during the development process. It is likely that the painting was created for the episode titled "Whale's Tales", which aired on November 26, 1990. The concept was used to develop and finalize the color palette, layout of the action, and the overall feel of the scene. When a color concept is finalized during production, it becomes the reference tool that animators use to paint cels and backgrounds, as well as to further progress through the storyboarding and layout of the individual scenes. Measuring 8.5"x30" overall, with the image measuring 7"x24.5", the background is in very good condition with the cel layers slightly sticking together, minor warping to the cel overlay, and surface and edge wear.

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