1954 Disney Studios Christmas Card Printing Transparency - ID: mardisney22082

1954 Disney Studios Christmas Card Printing Transparency - ID: mardisney22082 Walt Disney


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A printing transparency from the 1954 Walt Disney Studios Christmas card. The imagery on the transparency was used as the card's inside calendar picture. Featuring a test image of the dogs from the then upcoming Disney animated film Lady and the Tramp (1955), surrounded by calendar pages for the upcoming year, the transparency was used in the printing process in order to test and verify the final color printing on the cards. Measuring 8"x10" overall with the character image measuring 4.25"x7.75", the transparency is in fine condition. The second image is a reference image of the final cover for the card that the transparency was used to create. The printed cover image is shown for reference only and is not included with the transparency.

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