1960s Mary Poppins Musical Measuring Spoon Holder by Enesco - ID: enesco00042mar

1960s Mary Poppins Musical Measuring Spoon Holder by Enesco - ID: enesco00042mar Disneyana




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A ceramic figural spoon holder inspired by the Disney Studios groundbreaking live-action and animated film "Mary Poppins" (1964). Featuring the incomparable Mary Poppins as she appeared in the "Spoon Full of Sugar" musical segment of the film, the figure holds two ceramic spoons on either side of Mary, with her iconic carpet bag and umbrella at her feet. The ceramic was created by Enesco in the 1960s and plays "A Spoon Full of Sugar." Enesco produced a variety of ceramics inspired by the whimsical character, with a range of costume variations based on different scenes in the film. Measuring 5"x3.5" and 6.5" tall, the figurine is in good condition with both spoons broken and repaired by a previous owner and minimal wear to the paint.


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