Disneyland Railroad Set of (8) Miniature Train Engines - ID: augdisneyana20095

Disneyland Railroad Set of (8) Miniature Train Engines - ID: augdisneyana20095 Disneyana


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1"x2.75"and 1.25"tall, 1.25"x6"and 1.75"tall
Price: $350.00
SKU: augdisneyana20095

A collection of eight assorted miniature replica train engines designed after Disney trains. The toy set contains four Tomicas including Tokyo Disneyland Western River Railroad train engines, a Missouri engine and a Colorado engine, as well as four Tomy toy sets including the Colorado, Mississippi, Missouri, and the Rio Grande trains. Tomicas are 1/91 scale and measur 1"x2.75" and 1.25" tall, Tomix are "N" scale and measure 1.25"x6" and 1.75" tall. They are in very good condition.


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